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Largest Records Databases Records
Historical Birth Records 312,897,998
Historical Death Records 82,675,768
Historical Marriage Records 175,767,887
Historical Divorce Records 16,256,754
Court Records 9,258,159
Military Records 32,443,564
Census Records 800,599
Obituary Records 752,206
United States People Search 99,660,430
Canada People Search 35,254,136
Australia People Search 60,018,053
Offender Search 256,322
US & Canada Phone Codes 154,411
United States Wanted Fugitives 12321
United States Captured Criminals 19804
Missing Children Search 8767
Missing People Search 9810
Inmate Records 20987765
Land Records New Database
USA Business Records Database New Database
Adoption Records 54123687
Australia Business Records 65231477
Jail Records 5869471
Check Background 369541
Will Records 9954128

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